Thank you for opening up a dialog that is long overdue! Birthday parties have definitely gotten out of control. I have spent far too many brain cells and way too much time on planning my kids' birthdays! It really needs to be reigned in!

You guys are right on the money!! This is something that has been on my heart too. Keep up with your vision, I applaud you, I've been thinking for the last 4 years that there has to be something out there I could start up, just not quite sure as to what exactly.

Thank you! I just want to say thank you for being vocal and visible on this issue. I am not a parent, but a performer and teaching artist. I am amazed and disgusted at what parents spend and feel they need to do for their young children to celebrate their birthdays. I will share your message and website with the parents I come in contact with.

My husband and I think you are doing a really great thing!! The same thing is true in Canada of course, and I plan to use your website as a starting point in talking about this with other moms. Thank you for starting the discussion!

I have just finished visiting every page of your website and am thrilled about your concept! "When did parties get so out-of-control?" And, my child is one of the first to ask, “Where's my gift?” referring to the bag! Now, to me, THAT is out-of-control!!

Just read the article regarding your website on AOL and had to express a big "thank you" for what you are doing. I am the mother of 3 boys and have been in the minority when planning and enjoying my boys' birthdays. It is validating to read other parents feel the same way...

Thank you! I have passed this on to congregants and churches in my association. This is most definitely an issue that needs to be brought into the light!

I can't tell you how much encouragement I received from discovering your story on the Internet. I have been struggling with this issue. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Let's get back to the basics.

I would welcome more information from your organization and would love to share the news around here in the south! I bet there would be a lot of moms who would welcome the "permission" to have good old-fashioned birthday parties - with no specific theme, no party bags, and no big pressure to compete and one-up the neighbor.

I am soooo impressed with the Birthdays without Pressure website! It’s my new favorite! My husband and I have been shaking our heads over this weird out-of-control-birthday-party culture for some time and have wondered if WE were the weirdos of the crowd. Your site is full of wisdom and down-to-earth values that are so refreshing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m spreading the word about your website!

I am so thrilled with your website and will forward it to other mothers in my area. I have heard more and more mothers here beginning to discuss this issue and especially the negative effects on our children (i.e., materialistic values, self-centeredness, entitlement). I am so happy to see a group of parents working to bring sanity back into the birthday celebration.

My hats off to you! I am a retired grandmother, and for so long I have thought how ridiculous it is for all these birthday parties with elaborate cakes, gifts, trips, hotel overnights, and limo rides for grade school kids especially. I am so glad that someone is finally taking a stand and I hope this movement stretches out across the whole US. Thank you so much for taking a stand and doing something about it!!

Thank you for bringing this issue to light. I am passing your site along to all of my out of control mom/friends. I am hoping we can put an end to the madness!

I just want to tell you that I think you have a winning idea. As a professional children's entertainer I have been watching for several years as children's birthdays have been entering the realm of the ridiculous. It's not enough for a clown to come and do a simple backyard show anymore; now their must be clown, a face painter, a magician, a band, dancers, an emcee, hundreds of guests, a specially rented hall and thousands of dollars in decor and food. The stress of all this shows in the parent's face and their behavior.

Thank you for doing this and hopefully getting the word out will tone down the madness.

HALLELUJAH! It is about time parents started to wake up and realize it is just a birthday party. NOT A PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURAL BALL!

I found out about your campaign on a local news website. I was ecstatic to see parents who are aware of the overindulgence of kids in today's society and are taking steps forward to help curb it. I commend your efforts to bring awareness and sanity back to parents.

Thank you, thank you for your efforts and for putting this out there for nation-wide input. I am a transplant to an affluent area and birthdays are one of the few things I see in this area that appear to be part of the overall trend of overscheduling, overstructuring and over-indulging our kids!!

Finally, a group of people that feels the way we have for a very long time!

I wanted to commend you on confronting this trend. I understand the pressures that come along with wanting to give our children the best. I can only hope that your website can spread the word and we can get back to what is important with kids...raising thoughtful and responsible adults who know what it means to earn rewards, not just ask for them.

Thank you for bringing so much attention to this issue. It is high time that a stop is put to the weirdly extreme nature of parties. I think I can start feeling less like a birthday scrooge and more like a person in touch with what is really important!

I just wanted to let you know how refreshing your philosophy is! I live in the Northwest and the birthday parties here are just as over the top as the examples you listed. The alternatives you list are better for the environment, my values and my pocketbook! Thanks!

Thank you for creating this group and thank you for addressing the problems in our culture. I want my baby to grow up knowing that it's not how many toys you have that counts its how well you treat others and how selfless you are. Again, thanks for what you're doing, I wish you the best of luck!

I continually fight from being sucked into the "perfect birthday party" crowd. Thank you for giving parents the support they need to say "No."

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