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Telling Grandma

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Telling Grandma

My Grandparents have strict religious morals on many things. The religious moral which worried me the most, in the current ’Max’ situation, was no children out of wedlock, which means no sex before marriage. Both of which, I have compleltey disregarded, obviously. Although, my Father chooses to believe ”Max’ was an immculate conception, no one else will. So I haven’t been able to pull that ‘card’

Although children out of wedlock and no sex before marriage are not among my list of morals, I still feel as though I have disspointed my Grandparents. I know I can’t live my life by anyone elses rules. I have had a completely different upbringing to anyone else on this earth, seen different sights in different parts of the globe, which, in turn educated me and allowed me to broaden my views and form opinions for myself. However, I still feel as though I have let them down.

By thirteen weeks we had told everyone about ’Max’ Everyone, except Grandma. Off to Maitland we go, Shaun, Mum and I. We had bags and bags of home prepared meals for Grandma and Grandpa and thought we would start the morning off with some Banana Bread and a nice cup of tea. I think we spent an hour talking, Mum giving me the eye constantly, waiting for me to break the news. Finally Grandma mentioned a cousin’s wedding in Novemeber. Mum yelled to my ’almost’ deaf Grandmother ”Oh well, Karina wont be able to make that one” Grandma looked at me in disbelief and shock, and asked why not. I think she was expecting me to say I had booked a holiday for November and will be away. I said “Grandma, I am pregnant and due to have a baby in early November” ‘WHO’ Grandma shouted. I smiled as I could see the hilarity in this situation. “I am having a baby Grandma, I am Pregnant” ‘Ohhhhhhhh’ in a soft, worried, shocked, mortified voice she uttered. “Are you happy darling? “Oh course I am Grandma” We chatted a little more about the baby and showed her a picture of the scan. Shortly after, Shaun left the room and Grandma looked at me in intense, worried way. “Do you like Shaun dear, are you happy” “Of course Grandma” After that point I think Grandma got a bit excited. Everything is happening in 2012 for her three Grandchildren. Two of which are getting married and the third is having a baby. What a year! The topic of marriage then came up and Grandma informed me that she will have to loose weight for my wedding (What wedding) “Oh, Grandma, we don’t have any plans at this stage to get married, but when the time is right we will” “Alright I will put myself on a diet to start loosing weight for your wedding, dear” I didn’t tell her that I plan to get married by Elvis in Vegas, but we will leave that for another day.

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