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Nutcracker They Arent Just For Cracking Nuts

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Nutcracker They Arent Just For Cracking Nuts

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The final Christmas Tradition is a Nutcracker. It all started when my husbands Aunt Marion sent us a Nutcracker from Germany. She sent it to us with a box of walnuts. My husband tried to crack some for a snack. Instead of cracking the walnut it cracked the nutcracker. At that time we found out that not all nutcrackers were for cracking nuts. They are also for decoration.

Our little nutcracker from Germany was lonely for several years until our children came along and enjoyed seeing him every Christmas. They came up with the idea of getting him a friend when they saw more in the store. Since then they have made sure that we purchase at least one a year. Some years we end up getting two.

I have shelves over the television in the living room. This has been the designated Nutcracker wall for years. We line them up above the television each year. The past couple of years weve had to put them on the side of the television and on the floor in front of it.

Our new one for this year is pictured above in the picture. He is the one with the rounded blue hat on the left side. Isnt he adorable.

This is the last of our family Christmas Traditions. Please go to my Christmas Traditions page and see the other 11. Hopefully at least one of these will become one of your family traditions.