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Ideas for Parents – Birthday Party Alternatives

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Ideas for Parents – Birthday Party Alternatives

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We have been collecting ideas from parents who are working to have birthdays without pressure. Each idea has worked for actual families. See which ones might work for you.

  • Gift free parties (with invitation saying that any presents will be given to charity)
  • Bringing a gift to share with someone; everyone gets one gift
  • Simple activities (such as a walk around a lake, a treasure hunt)
  • Planning and preparing for the party with the birthday child
  • Family-only birthday parties
  • No gifts bags
  • Reducing the number of guests by including children only, without their parents
  • Theme-free parties
  • Doing community service in lieu of a party
  • Party every other year instead of yearly
  • Home made gifts
  • For every gift in, give something away
  • Child personally helps make cake for class, with focus on giving
  • Giving birthday money to a charity selected with the child