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Hospital Bag- What to Pack

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Babies are coming and you need to pack! Let’s discuss what needs to be in your bag. I am writing this after the twins were born so I will include things I wish I had packed as well. This way you won’t have to think…. aw man I wish I would have remembered this or that. Learn from my mistakes. You’re welcome. ha! Momma’s bag:Birthing plan-make multiple copies and sign each one 3 night gowns, nursing gowns if you plan on nursingcomfy slipper socks (2-3 pairs) I prefer socks over slippers because slippers can get pushed under the bed and it’s hard to find them when you need to go potty and you give up and end up walking barefoot to the bathroom YUCK!

I know I know trust me you’re talking to the girl who wears maternity thongs here. I promise you will be happy you packed granny panties. If you deliver vaginally you bleed A LOT for a long time and have to wear pads that are the biggest things you’ve ever seen. I just found out that with a c section that cute little hipster panties go right into your incision line. Ouch! Target has decent full sized panties that are $5 each or you could just get a pack of hanes or something similar for way cheaper. Don’t spend lots because you will end up throwing them away after everything is all said and done… meaning you’re not bleeding anymore and can return to your previous pantie wearing self.

I’d recommend a comfy one to start out in. They look similar to a sports bra but are softer and more comfortable. Some people refer to these as sleeping nursing bras (you wear them at night when you sleep for night time feedings) I wait until my milk comes in to buy more bras because I never know what size I will be. Mine usually consist of a velour suit with a nursing tank under the jacket. You will look a few months pregnant when you leave the hospital so you want something comfortable. flip flopshair clip & hair rubber bands blow dryerbrushstraightener or curling ironface wash/regiment Buy small travel bottles and put enough face wash ect for 3/4 days. Saves space and if you wait thinking oh I’ll just throw the regular sized bottles in my bag… yeah you’ll forget once it’s go time.

This applied to a cotton ball gets all the yucky sticky stuff all the tape leaves behind. Trust me once you get everything taken off you will want that sticky goo off too. 

Daddy’s bag:Sweat pants and t-shirt for sleeping insweatshirt- hospitals are coldsocksclothes for a few dayssnacks- lots and lots of snacks. Some of our favorites were small bags of pretzels, granola bars, luna bars, little debbies, trail mixmore snacks. seriously.

Ipad & chargergoing home outfit (Brett wore his “real men make twins” shirtBaby’s bag: 2-3 premie onesies  2-3 newborn onesies – more than likely your baby will have a bracelet or two on their ankle along with a bulky security bracelet so pants or outfits with the feet in them don’t work well for the hospital stay. my advice… onesie and socks all swaddled up with a hat. sockswipesdiapers (the hospital should provide you with diapers as long as you are there. Don’t be afraid to ask for them or ask for more when you run out)3 swaddling blanketsblanketnail filepacifiers – I usually take a few different kinds because each baby is different as to what they prefer bows if you are having a girlhats/beanies (hospitals are cold)baby book to stamp foot prints going home outfit.

Last minute things:
celll phone chargers

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