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Chalk Board Pantry Door

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Chalk Board Pantry Door

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I believe there should be something painted with chalk board paint in every house across America. I have been swooning over all the pictures I see on instagram and other blogs with whole entire walls painted with chalk board paint! We just moved into this house and with this layout there isn’t a whole wall I can devote to be a chalk board wall. Tragedy, I know. So, the next best thing? The pantry door! I thought it would be fun, we can write down our grocery list as we run out of things, plus the littles can draw at the bottom while I’m cooking. Surely I’m not the only Momma whose children insist on being right under my feet as I cook. Drawing while I cook will keep them busy for at least five right?

First, I peeled the previous paint. Obviously the prior owner didn’t paint the doors correctly. The paint literally peels straight off. The littles love to peel them. I see peeled paint all over the house.

We have plans for the other doors in the house. That will be another blog post at a later date (when we actually get around to it) I made sure that all the paint was peeled and it was a smooth clean surface. Then I was ready to chalk it up!

First coat looks kind of funny. It will dry quickly and need a second coat. In between the first and second coat I cooked dinner. Something healthy and very simple (baked tilapia, rice & steamed broccoli). After dinner I applied the second coat. Went to bed and the next morning started drawing. That’s it! Super easy.

I encourage you to paint something with chalk board paint in your house!
Then send me a pic. I’d love to see it!

Happy Painting