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Cars & Trucks Party Ideas

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Celebration means party and party mean fun, food, and friends. Who doesn’t love parties? Whether it is to celebrate a birthday or graduation party is a must. You can have a hundred reasons to celebrate and why not! But this time, let’s not go traditional, rather try something new. Experimenting is the best option to pump up your energy and to bring in more fun leaving a long lasting impression. If you are wondering what to try out we have got you covered. This article is dedicated to all our readers who are obsessed with cars, machines, and speed. Car and truck themed parties are not only ideal for your little one but also Fast & Furious adult-young generation who couldn’t get enough of Transformers and Formula One. We hope you enjoy reading and do it for your child or for yourself.

Plan the themed invitation cards. The invitation card should not look like a common letter. Go off the track. What you can do is making it look like individual parking permits. Compose the invitation letter using quotes from the movies. It’s going to be super cool. Add images trucks and cars that your child is obsessed with. Time to get them printed and post!

Carry out a detailed automotive research before you start decorating the room. Paint the walls with images of cars, spare parts. Ransack your garage for spare parts or tools which are currently not in use. Keep it in mind that the tools should not pose a threat to your guests, meaning the tools should not include anything dangerous to avoid accidents. Top Car jacks or floor jacks, tires, wrenches are cool to build your little ‘workshop’! Put a little elbow grease and clean up the tools before you use them for the party. If you do not want to use original items, buy toy tools from the shop.

Reserve a small area and build a small workshop with the tools. Bring a construction paper and cut it in the shape of a small truck or a car then paint it, draw and paint license plates. You can write your child’s name and age on the license plate. Create banners with driving instructions, warnings, and draw traffic signs and signals. Use your own creativity or borrow ideas from the internet. Buy toy cars, trucks, transformer themed toys, remote control cars, and trucks.

Food & Beverages
Gather tires in varying sizes and use them as pedestals on which you can keep the trays with bowls, glasses of beverages etc. In fact, you can add a little twist in the game and decorate the glasses. Readymade car themed party glasses are also available in the stores. A party is never complete without a cake. How about a car or truck-shaped cake? Make car shaped cookies and serve.

You can plan unique activity and games on your child’s birthday. Buy racing flags, helmets, balloon racers ad distribute it among the children. In addition to these, you can paint a trophy in Grand Prix theme and give it to the winner. The kids will love it!

We hope that you really enjoyed reading this post. If you had planned a car and truck themed party before please share with us your experience. We would love to hear from you. If you are reading this article right now and planning to do it on your toddler’s birthday do not forget to send pictures. Have fun!

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