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About Us

Thank you for visiting our website.  The mission of is to provide birthday parties and presents for homeless children. We believe that every child, regardless of their living situation, should be able to celebrate their birthdays joyfully, surrounded by friends, family, and others who care while at the same time learn about Jesus Christ

Our Mission

Our mission is to add the elements of joy and fun to every childs birthday celebration supporting each caring parents expression of love and sense if importance for their childs annual birth date event. We pledge to provide the best service possible in an effort to insure the upmost pleasant experience for the children, the parents and all invited guests.

Fun and Joy

Each time we see those tiny shiny smiling faces eagerly waiting for the delivery and arrival of their expected moonwalk, it gives us great pleasure. Each time we experience those sudden bursts of joy from the children awaiting the inflation of their moonwalk, it gives us great satisfaction. And as we listen with excitement to the overwhelming shouts of fun and laughter, we realize that what we do is truly THE UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE that is no doubt……..HEAVEN SENT.

Call Us Today

To insure availability, call us at once. The earlier that you contact us, the greater the selection of moonwalks (jumpers, bouncers, spacewalks, inflatables), concessions, tables, chairs, party supplies, etc.